How You Can Make Money on Facebook

There are 2 billion monthly active Facebook users worldwide, with five new profiles created every second.  Yes, every second.

Facebook is not anymore just a platform that gives users an opportunity to express themselves and connect with friends and family members, but also to make a career out of it.

Sell on Facebook Marketplace.

Marketplace is a dedicated hub to discover, buy and sell items on the Facebook site and mobile app.  So it’s basically like Craigslist or eBay but for Facebook users.  You can list brand new or pre-loved clothes, shoes, electronics, toys, furniture and more.  All you need is a Facebook account, which I’m sure you already have.

Sell or Trade on Facebook groups.

Another easy way to sell on Facebook is to join groups where you can post photos and details of items you want to sell.  Some groups are made for the purpose of buying, selling and trading while others are created as an online community for towns, cities, school, etc.  Just make sure to check and follow the rules before you flood the feed with items for sale.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate programs are the marketing strategies made by companies to reach out to more consumers.  If you have a huge following on Facebook, you can get money from purchases or visits made through the links you post on your Facebook wall (that contains a code and an embedded affiliate ID) posted on your Facebook wall.  To make it simple, you get a commission when someone clicks on your links and make a purchase or when someone uses the promo codes that you put on your posts.

Facebook Page Manager

It seems like every type of business has its own Facebook account.  Entrepreneurs and personalities also use Facebook to reach out to a bigger audience.  So use your “Facebook skills” to earn money on the side by managing their pages in their behalf.  Your responsibilities will mainly consist of scheduling posts, engaging with followers, posting events, sharing news and updates and coming up with marketing and advertising strategies through Facebook posts.  Check out for job postings online or offer your services and skills to businesses in your local neighborhood.

Aside from Facebook, Instagram is also another platform that provides money-making opportunities.  Here’s my previous article on How You Can Earn Money from Instagram.


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