Little Luxuries You Need to Cut if You Want to Save Cash


Are you in a financial rut? Do you have some debts to pay off? Are you fresh out of college and looking for ways to cut costs? Or probably you just want to save for your retirement? Whatever your situation is, this article might help you out if you are on a search for ways and strategies to save money.

Coffee trips.

I know, I know, you can’t live without coffee. But do you really have to buy it from Starbucks? According to ABC News, Americans spend around $1, 100 on coffee every year. That’s huge! If you want to save money (and your waistline), pass on your favorite latte and just drink coffee at home.

Eating out.

Another strategy to save your money and your diet is cutting down on this area. Bloomberg reports that Americans spend an average of $2, 668/year on eating out. Sure, we need to break away from home cooked meals from time to time but think about how much you will be saving if you just cook and prep your own meals.

Movie time.

Ticket prices have increased over time, add in snacks, drinks and multiply it by 2 if you are out with your significant other. You would probably be spending $40 per movie date. Imagine how much you spend if you go on a weekly movie date? Save your money and just host a movie night at home.

Newspaper or Magazine subscriptions.

If you are used to have this, it’s time to cut it off. You can always go online and find the latest news and entertainment buzz for free anyway.

Gym membership.

Doing your workouts at the gym have a lot of perks but for someone who is running on a tight budget, it’s better to just do your workouts at home. There are a lot of workout videos that you can follow in the internet. You don’t have to go to the gym, as long as you are determined to do your exercises religiously, you’ll still be able to achieve your fitness goals.

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