Money-Making Opportunities for Pet Lovers

Did you know that over half of America’s households own a pet?  That’s like 80 million homes and over 300 million pets!  No wonder why the Pet Industry has become such a booming business nowadays.

According to APPA, almost $67 billion was spent on pets in 2016 and around $70 billion for this year – food, supplies, OTC medicines, Vet care, pet services, live animal purchases, etc.

So whether you’re looking for a new business venture or finding a way to earn extra income while doing something you really enjoy and love, the pet industry provides a number of money-making opportunities.

Dog Walker

For pet-owners who work full-time jobs and have hectic schedules, your dog walking service is very much needed.  If you can accommodate mid-day walks, start offering dog walking services and earn a lot!  Not only will you earn cash from being with cute pups every day, you also get to sneak in some work-out while getting paid.  That’s hitting three birds in one stone!

Pet Sitter

This service is very much in demand during summer and the holidays.  Pet-owners who will be traveling will need your pet sitting services, as well as those with extra busy schedules.  You have the option to board animals in your own home or stay at the pet owner’s home.

Pet Treats Baker

Combine your love for cooking, baking and animals and earn a living by becoming a pet treats baker.  Most pet owners nowadays prefer organic and healthy home-made treats for their pets as opposed to those being sold commercially.

Pet Photographer

Here’s another hobby that you can turn into dollars while being with animals.  With pet photography, you don’t just need a high-quality camera but a lot of love and patience with animals too.  You need to know how to get a dog or cat’s attention to capture the best photos.

Pet Groomer

Here’s a small business that you can start at your own home with very minimal start-up costs – just a few basic grooming supplies for bathing, nail-cutting, combing and shearing.

Animal Trainer

If you have those Cesar Millan skills and have trained your pets successfully, you might want to consider sharing those skills and earn a living out of it.

Animal Shelter Technician

As an animal shelter technician, you are responsible for caring for injured, abandoned, sick or abused animals that are usually in animal shelters, rescue centers or welfare organizations.  This will surely take your love for animals to a whole new level.

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