Organize Your Holiday Gift List with These Top Apps

Holiday Budget app from Amazon

Well, it’s almost that time of the year again when we have to make a list and check it twice.  Christmas shopping can be really stressful and chaotic (especially for your pocket) if you’re not being organized.

One of the top reasons for wrecking your holiday budget is not creating a running list to begin with.  When you have a list, you will be able to find the best deals to maximize savings and keep track of who you’ve already bought for, what you have gotten for whom and what you still need to buy, but most importantly, it will help you stick to your holiday budget.

Going for the old school pen and paper approach is fine but why not make your life easier and just have it on your phone since (I assume) you’re glued to it almost 24/7 anyway.

If you’re into that, here are 3 apps  (in addition to the Amazon Kindle Holiday Budget app linked in the image above) to organize your holiday shopping list:

Santa’s Bag

First on the list is this Apple-exclusive app that promises to revolutionize your Christmas shopping.  It gives you everything you need – from creating shopping lists to finding gift ideas, setting budgets to importing receipts, and so much more.  Here, you can view a summary that shows the number of days before Christmas, how much you’ve already spent, how much you have left and the amount of how much you still need to buy.  In a glance, you can easily see if you’re already “under or over budget.”  Another cool feature is that you can use the app to keep tabs on whether the gift is already wrapped or not, and where it’s hidden.

2. Christmas Gift List

Next is an Android application that has all the pretty neat features that the previous app has.  But unlike Santa’s Bag, Christmas Gift List has an auto-generated Amazon suggestions tab that allows you to do all your shopping within the app.

3. Gift Planner

This all-year round gift list app allows you to make multiple gift lists for different occasions, which has individual countdowns for each event.  So you can have one for Christmas, Valentine’s, your friends’ and family members’ birthdays… basically, you can add as many gifts, events and people as you want.

Gift Planner also has a “bookmarklet” which lets you send gifts to your list directly from your desktop or mobile web browser.  And that’s not all, the app allows you to send gift cards to your recipients directly from the app!

These apps are definitely worth trying if you want a Christmas miracle to make your holiday shopping less stressful.

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