4 Morning Habits that Financially Successful Individuals Do Everyday

Ever wondered why some people succeed in life and others don’t?   What do successful individuals do differently?  What’s their secret? Well, there isn’t really a secret to success and no magic doors to enter or magic potions to drink.  Sorry, these things don’t exist.  But as it turns out, these go-getters have a lot in common – these are daily habits that we can all learn from and act on, and they all start the moment they wake up. 1. They wake up extra early. You know what Read more [...]
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Holiday-Themed Business Ideas

The Holiday season is upon us and while everyone’s already starting to plan out their back to back celebrations and writing down their gift list, why don’t you take advantage of this opportunity and open up a seasonal business? Whether you got a pair of crafty hands, amazing cooking skills, or you’re a pro in decorating or party-planning, I’m sure you’ll be able to find your own niche. What’s great about a seasonal business during this time of the year is that it doesn’t require Read more [...]
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6 Ways to Financially Prepare for Christmas

According to a survey, about nine in ten Americans say they celebrate Christmas, including non-Christians and people with no religion.  Overall, 51% consider it as a religious holiday while 32% say it’s more of a cultural holiday. With more and more Americans observing Christmas, the amount spent on holiday expenses also increases year after year.  In fact, NRF expects holiday retail sales to go up to $678.75-682 billion from last year’s $655.8 billion. So how do you financially prepare Read more [...]
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5 Companies that are Hiring Seasonal Holiday Workers Right Now

When we hear the word “holiday,” we immediately think of spending money on gifts, food preparations, travel, decors and personal shopping.  Well, that is so true.  But the holiday season isn’t just all about seeing our salaries flying out of the window – it’s also an opportunity to earn extra money on the side. Aside from business opportunities that you can get into, tons of seasonal jobs are also at the tips of your fingers during the holiday season. From running cash registers Read more [...]
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Save Money on Fall Travel

If you’re looking for great bargains, slim crowds, and a “just right” weather, a vacation during the shoulder season is a smart traveler’s best bet. Depending on the destination and the activities the place is known for, autumn is usually a hit for frugal travelers. Fall is an opportunity to save money on trips and vacations and you can even maximize your savings with the following ideas: Hop on a cruise. Late Spring and early Fall are off season for cruise ships sailing in the Read more [...]
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Most Common Financial Goal Setting Mistakes to Avoid

When it comes to financial freedom, goal setting is a must.  The goals you set will give you a sense of direction when it comes to how you handle your finances and will be the building blocks of your success. By having goals, you allow your mind to focus on a target and help you become wise when it comes to your financial affairs, instead of just feeling apathetic and wasting money here and there. But goal-setting is not as easy as it sounds.  One accounting blog even said that it’s both Read more [...]
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How You Can Make Money on Facebook

There are 2 billion monthly active Facebook users worldwide, with five new profiles created every second.  Yes, every second. Facebook is not anymore just a platform that gives users an opportunity to express themselves and connect with friends and family members, but also to make a career out of it. Sell on Facebook Marketplace. Marketplace is a dedicated hub to discover, buy and sell items on the Facebook site and mobile app.  So it’s basically like Craigslist or eBay but for Facebook Read more [...]
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10 Everyday Habits that are Making Your Poor

Has anyone noticed that time is running so fast these days?  FYI, we’re only a little over three months away from welcoming a brand new year.  But for some of you, time isn’t just the only thing flying so quickly, but money too. Well, that’s because today’s modern times demand so much from us that we tend to overlook few of our everyday habits that actually drain our finances. So before you’re left with an empty bank account come December 31st, make sure you’re aware of these Read more [...]
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Budget-Friendly Tips to Save Money at NFL Games

According to a survey conducted by GoBankingRates.com, the average cost for two people attending a home game would be around $200, including stadium food and parking fees.  That’s only the average – in certain stadiums, it’s a lot higher.  A Chicago Bears Game at Soldier Field, for example, would cost you around $351 and $337 for Washington Redskins Game at FedEx Field. That being said, football games today really do come with a hefty price tag.  To make sure you don’t go broke Read more [...]
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7 Small Businesses to Start this Fall

With less than a hundred days before Christmas, we can officially say that the holiday season is almost here.  And we know what that means – we need to start saving! On my previous article, “How to Increase Savings this Fall,” I mentioned about finding a side hustle, whether it’s a part time job or a small business.  What’s great about the change of season is that it also opens up a new set of opportunities to make extra money. When the leaves are falling, the opportunities are Read more [...]
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