The Jobs Will That Get You Discounts

Employee discounts are common, especially in the retail industry.  But there are certain jobs that will give you various discounts, whether it’s on clothing items, cars, travel, restaurants, groceries, and so on. Yes, your job that puts food on your table also might save you money on other stuff.  If you’re interested to know if your profession entitles you to this huge savings, just keep on reading. Educators Teachers have one of the most important professions in our society.  Unfortunately, Read more [...]
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10 Holiday Craft Ideas to Sell for Profit

With the holiday season officially upon us, it’s time to put that crafty pair of hands too good use.  This time of the year is a golden opportunity to earn some extra cash by doing something you enjoy.  You can sell at local fairs and bazaars, or online through Etsy, Amazon or eBay. Wherever you want to sell your stuff and whether you’re an expert seller or a noob in the craft-selling business, here are 10 holiday craft ideas you can sell for profit: 1. Personalized Items Personalized Read more [...]
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Make Money Answering Questions from these Legit Sites

Did you know that you can get paid by answering people’s queries? Yes, there are a number of legit Q&A sites where you can earn money from answering questions via email, phone and chat. This type of freelance opportunity is one of the coolest ways to make money online.  And if you have knowledge & expertise in a certain field, some of these sites will even pay you more. So enough rambling, let’s get into these money-making websites one by one. Fixya The site offers product Read more [...]
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7 Financial Moves to Make Before 2018

The clock is ticking!  We only have 48 days before 2018! In between holiday shopping, vacations and back to back celebrations, the idea of “improving your financial situation” before the year ends may sound like a very impossible task to achieve.  But if you truly want to succeed in 2018, there are certain money moves that you must start doing NOW. Be proactive and take these steps before the New Year rolls out: 1. Review your goals. If you were able to set financial goals last Read more [...]
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The Best Cash Back Sites & Apps for Your Holiday Shopping

Shopping sites like Amazon already kicked off their Pre-Black Friday Deals and that only means one thing – the holiday season or should I say, the spending season is officially upon us. According to a 2017 retail spending survey, the average consumer is expected to spend an average of $1,226 during the holiday shopping season.  The survey also shows that shoppers plan to spend 51% of their holiday spending budget online and 42% in store. If you are one of the majority of consumers who Read more [...]
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5 Ways to a Debt-Free Christmas

Did you know that America spends more on holiday shopping than any other country in the world?  At the same time, Americans are also more likely to go in debt to pay for holiday spending, survey says. According to Magnify Money, 1 out of 4 Americans will go in debt this holiday season that will even linger for more than a month.  Last year’s survey results showed that the average shopper added $1,073 of holiday debt. Well, that’s a bad start for the New Year.  But if you want to Read more [...]
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4 Morning Habits that Financially Successful Individuals Do Everyday

Ever wondered why some people succeed in life and others don’t?   What do successful individuals do differently?  What’s their secret? Well, there isn’t really a secret to success and no magic doors to enter or magic potions to drink.  Sorry, these things don’t exist.  But as it turns out, these go-getters have a lot in common – these are daily habits that we can all learn from and act on, and they all start the moment they wake up. 1. They wake up extra early. You know what Read more [...]
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Holiday-Themed Business Ideas

The Holiday season is upon us and while everyone’s already starting to plan out their back to back celebrations and writing down their gift list, why don’t you take advantage of this opportunity and open up a seasonal business? Whether you got a pair of crafty hands, amazing cooking skills, or you’re a pro in decorating or party-planning, I’m sure you’ll be able to find your own niche. What’s great about a seasonal business during this time of the year is that it doesn’t require Read more [...]
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6 Ways to Financially Prepare for Christmas

According to a survey, about nine in ten Americans say they celebrate Christmas, including non-Christians and people with no religion.  Overall, 51% consider it as a religious holiday while 32% say it’s more of a cultural holiday. With more and more Americans observing Christmas, the amount spent on holiday expenses also increases year after year.  In fact, NRF expects holiday retail sales to go up to $678.75-682 billion from last year’s $655.8 billion. So how do you financially prepare Read more [...]
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5 Companies that are Hiring Seasonal Holiday Workers Right Now

When we hear the word “holiday,” we immediately think of spending money on gifts, food preparations, travel, decors and personal shopping.  Well, that is so true.  But the holiday season isn’t just all about seeing our salaries flying out of the window – it’s also an opportunity to earn extra money on the side. Aside from business opportunities that you can get into, tons of seasonal jobs are also at the tips of your fingers during the holiday season. From running cash registers Read more [...]
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