Get Paid to Lose Weight?

While scrolling through, I came cross this article about a woman who earned $1,191 for losing 80 pounds in six months. Okaaay... so a company that pays participants cash in exchange for meeting their weight loss goals actually exists. I then went to the website to check if this was actually real and found out that it has already been featured in shows like Good Morning America, The Doctors,  CNN, The Today Show, to name a few. This wellness company that I’m talking Read more [...]
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6 Essential Habits That Successful Women Live By

Growing up, I’ve always aimed for success - to be on top of whatever career I chose and able to live a good life.  Fast forward to today, I’m still here wondering when I will finally reach the “successful woman status” that I’ve been dreaming about since forever ago. (Haha! I’m sure many of you can relate.) But on a serious note, sitting and wondering won't get us anywhere. I'm sure that our time will eventually come so for now, let's use the waiting time to learn from other powerful Read more [...]
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A Financial Survival Guide for Incoming College Students

College is both an exciting and expensive period in one’s life.  If I had the chance to go back in time, I would gladly take a College Finances 101 if there was one. When I entered college, searching for “how to’s” online wasn’t really a thing. Today, there are gazillions of articles, podcasts and Youtube videos that tackle this topic - and yes, this blog post is one those. Having said that, let me share with you a few tips on how you can survive college financially. Make the Read more [...]
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Smart ways to save money on a move – It’s Easier than You Think

Moving to a new location is considered the third most stressful event after the death of a loved one and divorce. Generally, people don’t realize how stressful relocation might be, and they try to manage everything themselves. From the moment the first box is packed to the day, the final move is made, it is crucial that you keep the stress in check. Relocation is very exhaustive and often quite expensive unless you are a minimalist. Whether it’s from one city to another or to a different Read more [...]
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Crucial Tips for Buying Semi Truck Spare Parts

If you own a semi-truck, then you are most likely to get worried over its spare parts at some point. Your truck is running with the heavy loads on the rugged and spiky terrains; do not get surprised when you find yourself hunting for spare parts. Apparently, permanency is just not permanent. Unfortunately, at the retail stores, you can find parts priced to the sun; it’s because customers simply do not know any better. In this article, we will take you through the simple yet the most convenient Read more [...]
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6 Things You Can Find at Home to Sell for Quick Cash

We’re only about two weeks away from Christmas.  Have you already saved enough cash ready to celebrate the upcoming festivities? Because we all know that the holidays can be pretty pricey - décor, gift shopping, travels, back to back parties, and the list goes on and on. If you haven’t beefed up your bank accounts yet in time for the holidays, well it’s time to generate cash as quick as possible.  Sounds easy, but how? Of course you can get a part time job, sell handmade goods Read more [...]
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6 Websites to Sell Your Handmade Goods

`Tis the season to get crafty! Last week, I shared with you 10 Holiday Craft Ideas to Sell for Profit.  Today, let’s find out the best places to sell your masterpiece. Although there will be numerous local fairs and events taking place in your community this holiday season, I’d still recommend selling digitally.  Utilizing online marketplaces is a great way to earn exposure and make more profit. Don’t worry, you don’t have to build your own website.  Below are six online platforms Read more [...]
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The Jobs Will That Get You Discounts

Employee discounts are common, especially in the retail industry.  But there are certain jobs that will give you various discounts, whether it’s on clothing items, cars, travel, restaurants, groceries, and so on. Yes, your job that puts food on your table also might save you money on other stuff.  If you’re interested to know if your profession entitles you to this huge savings, just keep on reading. Educators Teachers have one of the most important professions in our society.  Unfortunately, Read more [...]
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10 Holiday Craft Ideas to Sell for Profit

With the holiday season officially upon us, it’s time to put that crafty pair of hands too good use.  This time of the year is a golden opportunity to earn some extra cash by doing something you enjoy.  You can sell at local fairs and bazaars, or online through Etsy, Amazon or eBay. Wherever you want to sell your stuff and whether you’re an expert seller or a noob in the craft-selling business, here are 10 holiday craft ideas you can sell for profit: 1. Personalized Items Personalized Read more [...]
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Make Money Answering Questions from these Legit Sites

Did you know that you can get paid by answering people’s queries? Yes, there are a number of legit Q&A sites where you can earn money from answering questions via email, phone and chat. This type of freelance opportunity is one of the coolest ways to make money online.  And if you have knowledge & expertise in a certain field, some of these sites will even pay you more. So enough rambling, let’s get into these money-making websites one by one. Fixya The site offers product Read more [...]
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