Save Money on Fall Travel

If you’re looking for great bargains, slim crowds, and a “just right” weather, a vacation during the shoulder season is a smart traveler’s best bet.

Depending on the destination and the activities the place is known for, autumn is usually a hit for frugal travelers.

Fall is an opportunity to save money on trips and vacations and you can even maximize your savings with the following ideas:

Hop on a cruise.

Late Spring and early Fall are off season for cruise ships sailing in the Caribbean, Bermuda, Europe, Hawaii and South America.  Book your trip around this time to avoid the crowd and the high prices.  But know that this is hurricane season in the Caribbean.  If you’re willing to take a chance, make sure to get travel insurance.

Hit the beach.

While summer is the perfect time to get bronzed up, the cooler temperatures in the fall make spending long hours at the beach much more bearable and enjoyable.  Beaches during this time are “almost empty,” which guarantees you a truly relaxing and peaceful day at the beach.  Vacation rentals, groceries, and restaurants all lower their prices in the fall – definitely a steal.

Go for a scenic drive.

Take advantage of the stunning golden yellow, orange and red hues of autumn and just go for a scenic drive with friends, family or significant other.  It makes the perfect backdrop for photographs and an awesome spot for picnics.  The best part?  It’s free.  Well, except for the gas… snacks… or where you’re staying.

Climb up the mountains.

Just before the ski lifts open, escape to the mountains and bask in the beauty of foliage-covered mountains.  Prices at ski resorts drop during this time and are a lot less crowded.

Visit a national park.

Take advantage of the last of the 10 Fee-Free days on all national parks across the country and head to the nearest one on November 11-12 (Veterans Day Weekend) and enjoy free admission.

Book midweek.

Several experiments show that prices can go up during Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays.  So if you want to save much, book during the other days of the week.

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Book your Thanksgiving vacation now.

If you’re planning to travel for Thanksgiving, make sure to have all of your travel arrangements done before November 1st as prices will start to hike up by November in anticipation of the holidays.

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