Square’s NFC Payment Reader is Now Available on Apple Stores


Image credit: Pixabay

Last November, Square released the NFC-friendly reader which is a square pad device that allows you to wave your phone or insert a card in order to purchase something.  It supports payments like Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay and other micro-chip enabled credit/debit cards such as American Express ExpressPay, MasterCard PayPass and Visa payWave.  But this device was only available on Square’s website for $49…. Until last Wednesday when Square announced that you can now purchase this from Apple Retail Stores and online for the same price.

The reader is compatible with NFC-equipped smartphones with a data plan in place.  Apple devices should have an iOS of 9.1 and above and for Android, 4.4 or higher.

This is definitely a good purchase for those who own a business because this will provide your customers more ways to complete their purchase.

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