The Best Jobs for People Who Love to Travel


“Travel = Spending Money,” we all know this equation very well.  But what if I tell you that you can travel and earn money at the same time?

To feed the wanderlust in you without just throwing and throwing money out the window, you need to get a job that would require you to travel or explore the other sides of the world.

Being able to travel for a living is a perfect way to make money while doing something you really love and is passionate about.

That being said, here are the different job opportunities that are ideal for travel-seekers like you.

Flight Attendant

Number one on the list is pretty obvious.  Flight Attendants enjoy the perks of traveling in different destinations for free.  This type of job requires certain certifications.  Also, expect a pretty crazy lifestyle because being an F.A. isn’t all rainbows and butterflies.

English Tutor

This natural skill of yours can take you to different places across the globe.  In many parts of the world, English tutors are in demand.  Teaching English in a foreign country will not just allow you to travel but is also a very rewarding experience.

Compensated Volunteer

A combination of traveling, earning, helping others and giving back is even better than just traveling for a living. The “pay” may not come in the form of cash or paychecks, but you can earn benefits or offset some major costs like food, transportation, housing and health insurance.

Cruise Ship Staff

There are different cruise ship positions to choose from, depending on your background, expertise, certifications or interests.  From admin to IT staff, entertainers to personal trainers, lifeguards to instructors, bedroom stewards to cooks and waitresses, and so much more.  Cruising for a living sounds perfect, isn’t it?

Au Pair

As an Au Pair, you will become a domestic assistant for and living with a host family.  For a small salary, you will typically help out with the family’s chores and responsibilities like childcare and some housework.

Travel Writer

This may sound as the perfect “dream job” but working your way up isn’t easy.  But you need to start somewhere.  If you are confident about your writing skills and you are really passionate about travel writing, start doing it even if you’re not paid to do it.  With hard work and perseverance, you’ll eventually be able to make it as a full time career.

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