The Modern Piggy Banks that Every Adult Needs (Yup, Piggy Banks Aren’t Just for Kids!)

We’ve all received piggy banks at some point in our childhood.  It’s always the first step in teaching children about the value of saving money.  But as we get older, we get over it of course.  Eventually, we find better ways to save our money, like putting it in a savings account that earns interest.

But you know what?  One out of 7 adults still owns a piggy bank according to a survey.

Well, that’s because people want to “see” their cash and be able to access it anytime.  And of course, it’s a way to collect and organize your loose change.  But most of all, when adults use piggy banks, they set a great example to the younger ones in the family.

Lucky for us, there are tons of adult-friendly “piggy” banks to choose from.  Check out below to find some chic, unique and quirky adult piggy banks that will let you accumulate all your loose coins and save up for a dedicated purchase.  I’m sure you’ll find one that fits your grown-up taste.

Ceramic Piggy Bank with Silver Metallic Plating

Sticking with the classics, this ceramic piggy bank with a silver metallic finish, will sit perfectly on your office or bedside table.  This is something that will never go out of style and will be cherished for years.



The Diggy-Piggy Digital Coin Counting Bank

To add an innovative twist to the classic piggy bank, this Digi-Piggy Coin Bank automatically counts and remembers coins as they are put in.  It comes with an electronic LCD readout on its snout that allows you to track your savings.


“Travel, Shoe and Bag Fund Piggy Banks”

Whether you’re saving for a vacation or that designer bag and shoes, these wooden coin banks will help you achieve those dreams.



Stealing Coin Cat Box

I know you’re a grown-up now and all but this cute coin bank is perfect for the kids at heart!  When you place a coin on the button, a cute cat with an innocent facial expression will take it away secretly.  This kitty cat says hello and thank you after stealing the coin.  And that makes it even more adorable!   This will surely make you want to save more coins!  There’s also a Panda version if you’re not into kitty cats.


Emoji Money Eyes Bank

Millennials will surely love this Emoji Money Bank with “Money Eyes.”



Funny Farting Bank

This one’s really funny!  Drop a coin in the slot and this fanny shaped coin bank will make fart noises!  This hilarious farting bank is perfect for jokesters or for anyone who ones a good laugh.

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