Tips on How you can Ace your First Job Interview

After turning in a bunch of resumes and completing a number of job applications, you’ve finally got a call for your first ever job interview… Congratulations!

Now comes the fun (and nerve-wracking) part – acing your job interview.  Yes, there is more to a job interview than SAT scores or any credentials.

Learn from these 6 tips on how you can make the interview a success and get the job.

1. Do your research.

Take time to research about the job and the company that you are applying for so that you know how they operate.  Gather as much info as possible to know much about the company.  This way, you’ll be prepared to answer questions like “Why do you want this position? How can you be an asset to our company?” and to also ask intelligent questions related to the job and the company.  It will show the interviewer that you are really interested to join their team and can be a good long-term investment for them.

2. Practice.

Review typical interview questions and practice corresponding responses.  Have a friend or a family member to throw in some random questions so you can practice your answers and also have the “feel” of it.

3. Dress appropriately.

It’s not about impressing the interviewer with your fashion sense (not unless you are applying as a fashion intern or something) so make sure to just stick with classic, simple and appropriate attire.  Check what kind of work environment the company has so you will know what kind of “business” look you should go for.

4. Be punctual.

Avoid an immediate negative impression by showing up on time, even earlier if possible.  Know where the venue is located at least a day before to avoid getting lost and being late on your interview.

5. Mind your manners.

Treat your interviewer and the staff with respect and leave a good impression.  Greet them with a handshake, introduce yourself, make eye contact, address your interviewer properly (Sir/Ma’am) and NEVER forget to say “thank you” at the end of the interview.

6. Smile, Relax and Just be yourself.

Last but not the least, just be friendly and be yourself.  Remember, your body language means a lot.  Don’t present yourself as someone you aren’t.  Be confident but not cocky.

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