What’s the Best Mobile Insurance for You?

There are a lot of new smartphone models out in the market and the prices are no joke.  A smartphone is a necessity and it’s something that you should consider as an investment – a risky one, that is; Risky in a sense that you will be shelling out loads of cash for an item that can be shattered, stolen or broken.

Thanks to mobile phone insurances, you can now protect your investment.  So here’s a roundup up of all the phone insurance plans out in the market and let you decide if you want to get one.


The iPhone comes with 1-year coverage and 90 days of complimentary support.  But with the AppleCare+, you get an extension of 2 years coverage for the price of $99.  This will cover accidental damage such as if you drop or spill water on your iPhone.  However, this insurance won’t protect you from theft or loss.  Each replacement is subject to a service fee plus applicable tax – $99 for iPhones 6s and 6s plus and $79 for iPhones 5SE, 6 or earlier models.

Samsung Protection Plus

Also for $99, this Protection plan covers mechanical and electrical breakdowns, as well as accidental damages such as drop, spill and/or cracked screen.  Same with Apple, it doesn’t protect you from theft.  Each claim will cost you an additional $75 which a little less than the plan mentioned above.


This third-party insurance provider offers users a coverage that costs $5 per month or $119 for 24 months.  This includes mechanical, electrical and accidental damage but not theft or loss.  This is really the cheapest among the ones mentioned in this article.  They will even assist you in cancelling your existing insurance if you plan to switch to their company.

Geek Squad’s Standard Plan

Finally, a plan that covers loss.  The standard Protection Plan costs $7.99/month for accidental damages and $10.99 if you want to add protection from theft/loss on top of the aforementioned.  There is also a separate deductible fee – $149 for phones < $799, $199 for phones > $799 (Service Deductible) and $199 for phones < $799, $249 for phones > $799 (Theft Deductible).

Mobile Rhino

This protection plan also covers theft and losses that can be renewed every year.  Prices vary accordingly – Personal: $129, Business: $119, Education: $99 and a deductible fee of $99 for each claim. You are allowed to have 2 replacements within the year for accidental damage, theft/loss, mechanical/electrical malfunction, battery issues and water damage.

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