Where to Find Internet Research Jobs Online


Whether you’re a professional researcher who is looking for a freelance job online or just someone who has a knack for finding relevant information in the web, there are actually a number of ways to profit from that.

As easy as it sounds, Internet Researching isn’t just about finding information from Wikipedia.  Your clients may come from the medical field, business industry or ordinary people who want to know more about their family ancestry.  Sometimes it can be like finding a needle in a haystack, you need to be quick and efficient in navigating through the vast amount of information that the internet provides.

Now, if you think you have the skills, here are 3 places to find Internet Research Jobs online:

1. Wonder

This company was created by a group of friends who share the same passion for learning and exploring information.  Wonder provides answers to any question within minutes.  It currently has over 3,000 analysts and is still hiring more.  To apply, one must have a strong general knowledge paired with several areas of expertise, excellent English writing skills, critical analysis and logical reasoning skills and the ability to create high-level summaries to answer users’ questions.

2. JustAnswer 

The website focuses on connecting visitors with verified experts from different fields such as medical, legal, technical support, home improvement, pets, etc.  To join the team, one must provide a certification or degree and/or professional experience to prove your area of expertise.

3. Experts123

Their tagline “The Question and Answer Encyclopedia” basically explains the type of service the website provides.  As an Expert123 contributor, you can get paid by answering questions or writing articles.  The company seeks for contributors who can be creative and witty while sharing their knowledge and expertise with other members.


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