Your Guide to Pay Your Bills On Time Every Time

Paying monthly bills is an essential part of adulthood.  And as a smart adult, it is important to have a system to make sure that you are able to pay off every single bill on time.  By having a proper bill-paying system, you reduce the chances of putting your finances and credit rating at risk.

But let’s be honest here, it’s not easy as you think.

Here are 4 tips that can help you keep you organize your bills and ensure on-time payment every single time.

1. Create a list.

It is very helpful to have a list of all your expenses, debts and budget to really see how much you receive and the amount of money that you will be spending on a monthly basis.  You will be able to evaluate your expenditures and makes necessary adjustments when needed.

2. Schedule bill-paying time.

Set a regular time for paying bills and list it down on your calendar.  By creating this habit, you will limit the chances of likely forgetting or missing a due date.

3. Have a designated place for your bills.

You don’t really need a home office.  It may be in a small area in your kitchen counter, or the foyer or a table on your bedroom.  What’s important is that you have a location designated for your bills in order to prevent having it thrown or lost before paying them.  It’s also better if you store your bills beside your computer if you pay bills online.

If you signed up for paperless statements, always make it a habit to download and review these statements and also store it in one place.

4. Make use of technology.

Speaking of paperless statements, going for this route is also a good tip to always be notified when bills are sent to your email.

You can also use financial software and phone apps to remind you when your bills are due.

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